Pipeline construction equipmentPipeline construction equipment
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Our company over the time of 60 years had established the reputation of main producer and supplier of high quality welding and auxiliary equipment, widely used in construction and repair works for pipelines with the diameter up to 1420mm, as well as in installation and set-up of different metal ware in field conditions.

One of the main characteristics of our company – is stability and traditionally good reputation among main users of our products  - companies of oil-and-gas complex, which is caused by wide experience and working partnership with such world famous leader in welding field as the  Paton’s Institute of electric welding.

Experience of well qualified engineers allows not just introduce new technologies and equipment, but to develop and produce equipment according to the custom design with the glance to specific requirements.

During many years, wide knowledge  in production of equipment for extreme working conditions  were stored – our equipment has versions for operation as on Extreme North, as well as on  southern latitude with extreme  continental climate.  Particularly, we delivered our equipment into such countries as Turkey, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Iran, Iraq,    Syria, Libya, Japan, Finland, Poland, Germany.

At present we are big suppliers of  special-purpose welding and auxiliary equipment for pipeline’s construction in Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and other countries.

For our Russian users convenience we opened the representative office in Moscow,  which made possible for customers to get rid of custom clearance  and considerably simplified unmonetary  payments – barter, promissory notes, etc. Even so, all negotiations concerning delivery (price, terms, different  packaging arrangement, etc.) are  to be hold directly with the production plant.

At present we are big suppliers of  special-purpose welding and auxiliary equipment for pipeline’s construction in Russia, Turkmenitan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and other countries.

The produced equipment in accordance with the functional area can be divided into four main groups:

  • mechanization means;
  • mobile welding units and aggregates;
  • pipe-welding stations;
  • ancillary equipment and aggregates.

We are always glad to meet you and provide the accommodation for you and your specialists in Kiev, in order to provide you more information about our company and equipment produced.

Hope for long termed mutually beneficial cooperation.