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Rosma, JSC
Rosma, JSC
Equipment SRT

Professional Products STO - complexes for the tire, paint-spraying booths for car service, straightening stands, lifts, and much more.

The organization of service centers, except relevant premises and staff, focusing on logistics of the business. High-quality and reliable equipment SRT - pledge of success in the market service center.

Application in low-cost tools, unreliable lifts, obsolete equipment for tire repair or welding technology guarantees misunderstandings with customers, lengthy downtime service centers and the inevitable financial loss. Today, when the equipment SRT proven producers sold everywhere, at least recklessly to save on quality lifts and tools for mounting. However, there remain a number of issues that it is desirable to decide the choice of tire, lifts and other equipment for auto service - find an acceptable range and competitive prices of equipment stations.

Activities of our company is focused on meeting all three components of a successful purchase of equipment stations. Low prices, huge selection and quality - the three pillars on which the philosophy of the firm. To date, we are prepared to offer lifts and equipment for tire Flying, straightening stands Rosma, JSC, painting, welding machines, battery chargers, domestic and foreign production. The range of equipment for tire and other equipment for auto service Flying production line includes all the necessary accessories, including stands of balancing equipment for curing and installation for pumping tires. Our range of devices for mounting, lifts and other equipment capable of stations to cover most needs in the processing chain of service centers complete the cycle. Can also be supplied mounting turnkey, complete set of equipment service centers at any level.

Flexible pricing policy for regular customers, historically low prices on promotional mounting equipment, lifts and other equipment for service centers, as well as the opportunity to move towards the formation of proposals for dealers doing business with us is particularly advantageous. Call and make sure of it!


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