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SC" Energo Arm"
Production of spare parts for valves, restoration, repair, maintenance

To improve the quality of repair and maintenance of energy fittings produced by JSC "Chekhov's Works and Energy Engineering" is installed on the thermal and nuclear power stations of Ukraine in Khmelnitsky, with technical support from JSC CHZEM, open a service center Ltd "SC" Power Arm ".

The main activities of the service center:

Production of spare parts for valves OAO CHZEM ":

  1. Stocks for valves DN 10-100 Series 588, 589, 988, 999, 1052, 1054, 1055, 1057, 841
  2. Spindles, plates, saddles and rods for TPP valves DN 100 - 450
  3. Spindles, plates, saddles and rods for nuclear power plants valves DN 100 - 500
  4. Spindles and plates for valves DN 100 - 225
  5. Threaded Bushings DN 10 - 300 (STP 24-71 ot104 to 111);
  6. Grundbuksy, ring gland, bolts folding.


  • Ay plungers 40-65;
  • Du spindles 100-500.
  • Repair of valves DN 10-65.
  • Advisory services.
  • Warranty service valves.
  • Before selling valves.
  • Carrying out and commissioning.
  • Production and recovery of parts fittings.

Company LLC "Service Center" Power Arm "specializes in the repair of metal-cutting machine tools:

  1. Screw-cutting lathe Group: 1M65, 1M63, 1К62, 16К20, 16M30F30, 16A20F30
  2. Vertical turning group: 1512, 1516, 1531, 1M557, 1L472, KS432
  3. Horizontal Boring Group: 2A620, 2A622, 2A630, 1A620, 1E620
  4. Radial drilling group: 2A554, 2M55, 2A58, 2A576
  5. Milling Group: 6Р13, 6R82, 6R83, 6T12
  6. Zubonareznaya Group: 53A20, E322, 53A80
  7. TR and grinding Group: 3U131, 3U132, 3M174, 3L722, 3D725, 3E711

For the repair of machines replacing the whole electrical part, at the request of the customer produce its modernization, as well as, if there is an opportunity to request

customer set CNC. Virtually 100% replacement of bearings, bronze bushings and nuts. Restore all screw pair and guides.

Machines are brought to the passport data, a guarantee of 6 months.

Technologies of production and reconstruction of parts, mastered in our company:

  • Gas-plasma depositing powders of the working part of the stocks of Ni-Cr-SiC physical and mechanical properties of the relevant technical documentation;
  • Gas plasma spraying powders for the restoration of the geometric dimensions of parts machined surface and make the necessary mechanical and corrosive properties. Parts are manufactured and restored with the help of this method have been fully tested in the test center, Chekhov plant Energomash and may be authorized by the manufacturer to use this method in the manufacture and restoration parts valve. Products manufactured, restored or repaired at the service center "Power Arm", corresponds to the design and technical documentation of the manufacturer. For details of the quality certificate is issued, the product - a passport, all products are accompanied by a warranty up to 12 months from the date of installation.