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JV “Stan-Komplekt Ltd.”
JV “Stan-Komplekt Ltd.”
Equipment supplies for production. 04655, Ukraine, Kiev, Moskovskaya Ave., 23, tel/fax: +38 /044/ 536-04-88(98) (multichannel)

Limited Liability Company “JV “Stan-Komplekt”.

JV “Stan-Komplekt, Ltd.” is the specialized company with the main activity fields in  equipment supplies and comprehensive approach in solution of technological tasks for industrial companies in sphere of establishing and re-equipment of productions.

Many-year experience in market economy conditions was put as the base for creation of highly skilled team of managers and technicians which are able to solve any tasks for supplying  and technical re-equipment of the companies with the industrial metalworking equipment.
Our main activities are:

  • all range of metalworking equipment;
  • Presses and press-forging equipment;
  • compressor equipment (piston and screw compressors);
  • welding equipment;
  • energetic equipment;
  • hardware;
  • load-lifting devices;
  • overhead type  and gantry cranes  with the lifting capacity 5...30tn and  crane spans up to 32 meters;
  • beam crane with the lifting capacity up to 10 tn and crane spans up to 28,5 meters.

We offer our services in supplying companies with the industrial equipment, hardware and tools, and also we carry out:

  • guarantee and after guarantee maintenance;
  • commissioning;
  • supplying of spare parts and components to the delivered equipment.

Qualified specialists of JV “Stan-Komplekt Ltd.” will help you to find optimal solution in purchasing necessary equipment  - both economically advantageous, as well as productive; decide the issues concerning spare parts supplies, guarantee and after guarantee service.

For the present day the company is the diversified association, including the trading company with the representative offices and stock houses in all regions of Ukraine and in Moscow, the plants for the press-forging, metal cutting, welding and handling equipment, as well as repair  and service shops.

Thousands of successful supplies and fulfilled obligations have helped us to win the  reliable partners presented by leading producers of former USSR countries, as well as other foreign countries,  and gain the trust of clients – both, small companies and leading plants and associations in different industries.

Ukrainian-Russian Joint Venture “Stan-Komplekt” for the period of 15 years of successful work  on the market of industrial equipment in Ukraine and other countries had signed partnership agreements  with the world known producers of industrial, welding, energetic and lifting equipment, and the list of such companies is updated constantly.
Partners and producers

ÎÀÎ «Begezkiy zavod «Avtospezoborudovanie»

Compressors’s plant «Àrsenal», St.-Pteresburg

ÎÀÎ «Astrahanskiy stankostroitelnij zavod»

ÎÀÎ «Sasta», Sasovo, Russia

ZMM Bulgaria Holding

ÎÀÎ «Dmitrovskiy zavod»

ÎÀÎ «Trade house «Votkinskiy zavod»

RUPP «Stankozavod «Krasnij Borez», Orsha

ÎÀÎ «Strij press-forging equipment plant»

RUMP «Kuzlitmash», Pinsk

«ZÀÎ «Moskovskiy zavod «Isoljator» im. Barkova»

ÎÀÎ «Chehovskiy zavod energeticheskogo mashinostroenija»

ÎÀÎ «Safonovskiy electromachinostroitelniy zavod»

ÎÀÎ «Sibelectromotor»

ÎÀÎ «Electric», St.-Pteresburg

ZÀÎ «NPF «Ingenerno-technologicheskij servis», St. - Peterburg

ÎÀÎ «EMZ Firm «Selma»

ZÀÎ «Velga-Vilnus», Lithuania

Miller, Lincon Electric, USA

Selco, Tehna, Cebora, CEA, Italy

Dalex, Elmatech, Germany

ÎÀÎ «Ilnitskij plant of nechanical welding equipment»

ÎÀÎ «KZESO», Kahovka

«SAHINLER», Turkey

«ARSENAL», Bulgaria

«IMET», Italy

«ROLLERI», Italy

«EURAM», Italy

RUP «Gomelskiy zavod stanochnih uzlov», Belarus

RUP «Gomelskiy stankostroitelnij zavod im. Kirova», Belarus

ÎÀÎ plant «Vizas», Belarus

RUP «Vitebskij stankostroitelnij zavod «Vistan», Belarus

TOS Cetos, Czech

Sente Makina, Turkey

SMTCL, China

Customer’s orientation
In its work the “Stan-Komplekt” company is oriented to the customer’s technical requirements and offers  the most advantageous and adequate solution according to his problems. Providing the complex service we help our customers with the technical tasks solutions. We aimed to the positive result of each stage in our work, which shows as the real benefit for our clients-companies.
Comprehensive approach
We implement the comprehensive approach in solution of technological tasks of industrial companies  in the area of establishing and re-equipping of productions. Providing turnkey implementation – from technology design till service maintenance  and specialists training.
Accomplishment of need’s analysis of the clients company, introduction of new technologies and further maintenance from one center becomes controlled, the least cost-based and allows to provide reliable quality control.
Constant development
For constant effectiveness and quality increase JV “Stan-Komplekt Ltd.” Is providing following:

  • Carries out the activities, aimed for extension works of its specialists.
  • Carries out the analysis and research of different market segments all over the world.
  • Negotiates new partnership agreements with production companies.
  • Develops new directions of activity.
  • Develops new solutions.


We create the technical base of your success. 

If your success - is the technical progress, our team of professionals provides your production with the most advanced equipment (from stock in Kiev or by order) and makes the repairs for the existing ones in shortest terms and with minimal cost.

We develop the future of Ukraine’s industry!